Cyber Vision University Courses

The Cyber Vision course program evolved from series of workshops that were repeatedly demanded by customers. Over time, as it became clear that the basic requirements were quite similar across clients from all kinds of sectors, these courses were more standardized in their core, while still allowing for room to address individual topics pertaining to the participants' organizations.

As a follow-up to these courses, there are recommended consulting packages providing an individual in-depth analysis, evaluation and discussion of the respective subjects, in combination with actual measures to be carried out to reduce or avoid risks and provide methods and tools for improvement. You will find a description of our services in the respective solutions section.

Currently, courses on the following subjects are offered. Check out the detail pages for more information. Ask for specific courses/workshops if they are not listed here.

On request, individual training sessions may be designed for clients to target specific needs and requirements, or to include company-specific implementation guidelines and regulations. Please ask for individual offers.

Courses & Workshops Pricing

Unless specified differently, the following general pricing may serve as an orientation for training courses and workshops.

  • In-class presentation for a group of 4-20 participants
  • Venue/refreshments/lunch to be provided by the client as necessary
  • Classes are from 09:00 to 12:00, and from 13:00 to 16:00
  • Courses will generally be held by a team of two instructors
  • Training fee: 1.500 EUR per course day
  • Travel expenses: flights, hotel, rental car, public transport, daily allowance

Ask for a quotation - we will send you an individual offer.