Cyber Vision enters with clients into a versatile partnership to jointly investigate, define and pursue business goals that map to organisational or information-technological solutions. Corporations of any size from any industrial sector with sufficient volume, velocity or complexity of information, processes or products are potential beneficiaries of Cyber Vision solutions. Check out the different solution areas with their manifold applications to get an impression of the wide spectrum of topics covered in our projects.

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Banking and insurance companies are characterized by a growth of regulations imposed on a national level. They also face significant competition from new fintechs - smaller, agile startups with novel approaches to financial services. The IT industry with its service offerings is a prime victim of cybercrime. Other, more knowledge-intensive services sectors lack 360° views on available information to effectively operate. Cyber Vision provides strategies, methods and tools in the services industry to innovate and to optimize the resilience of these already strongly digital businesses.

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  • Finance & Insurance
  • Retail and Distribution
  • Facility Management
  • Transport & Logistics
  • Software & Consulting Industry
  • Publishing & Media
  • Education
  • Health Care


The public sector is also in strong need of solutions to increase effectiveness and reduce latent cyberrisks, often under severe budget constraints. When it comes to large-scale personal data, special means of data protection need to be employed. Cyber Vision supports governance and compliance processes as well as provides workflow optimization tools and self-service portals for integrated service portfolio offerings. Law Enforcement and government agencies face new challenges in investigating cybercrimes of high technological sophistication. Cyber Vision helps them to win this race.

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